Sunday, January 23, 2011
   Pictures are fun, labels add interest, but I thought I would add a few comments or thoughts occasionally to mix it up. I have had questions about my photography and so I am answering those hows and whys and wheres.
    I typically use my Canon Digital Rebel EOS 300D that I "inherited" from a sister-in-law. (Although sometimes I sneak pictures in taken with a small Kodak digital camera.) My favorite lens is the Canon 28-135mm. It allows me to take a wide variety of pics with the same lens - macro included. The telephoto feature allows me to take much more detail without having to actually "climb the mountain" or "swim the river". 
   I love to crop and adjust the lighting with pictures, but I don't like to change the actual picture by adding things such as a beam of light where there really wasn't one. My interest lies in composing the picture in my head before I ever click the shutter.
Stay tuned for more...


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